20 Powerful Affirmations for Abundance and Financial Success Guided Meditation

What is "Manifestation"?

Manifestation is the act of mindfully co-creating your reality with the Divine. This process starts when we get clear on our intentions and the changes we wish to see in our physical reality. Once the intention is set, the next step is to begin to show gratitude for the current circumstances, as if the changes we wish to see have already taken place. By constantly imagining the desired scenario, new neural pathways are formed, making it easier to be inspired to take new action. These new actions will be the building blocks for your new reality! Things will begin to shift right before your eyes!

Saying Affirmations consistently will catapult your guides, and protectors into action, they'll be unable to ignore the call. Say the following affirmations every single day when you wake up and right before bed for the next 21 days, you'll be surprised by your results!

Pro Tip: Combine this powerful set of affirmations and the guided meditation with some money and confidence boosting crystals like Citrine or Carnelian! We have plenty available in our shop!

If you don't feel like reading along, the affirmations are read aloud and transcribed in this video : Powerful 21 day Affirmation Challenge 

I  am perfectly & forevermore supported by the Divine

My financial success is in my hands, I  am primed & ready for the journey

I  see new opportunities every single time I  open my eyes

The universe has my back, I  do not know worry

I  am at peace with the reality of increase

I  am releasing the fear & worries of lack

Opportunity always finds me, I  am the best prospect

I  am the ripple in time that saves my world

I  am the universe personified

I  am the ultimate being in my current state of consciousness

The Divine supports me in all my decisions

Every single decision I  make is the right one because I  am the one who chose it

I  am perfectly & forevermore supported by the Divine

My finances are in Divine Order

I  take actions every single day that support my financial freedom

I am fearless in my pursuit of the opportunities that find me

I  am the only prospect

I  release my relationship with fear

I  am clothed in the protection of the Divine

The Abundance of the Divine is within me 


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