How to Start your Crystal Healing Journey

How to Start your Crystal Healing Journey

How to start working with Crystals

Have you always wanted to start a crystal collection? Have you forever wondered how exactly to begin your journey, working with crystals and experiencing all of their delicious healing properties? Here’s where to start. 


First things first, do you own at least 2 crystals? Congratulations, you’ve officially started a collection. You don’t need to buy every expensive rock you come across, and own 10 million pieces in a thousand different shaped and sizes in order to classify as a collector. Whatever you currently have, or have just purchased from our shop is already enough! 

How do Crystals Heal?

Everything in the Universe is energy. You are energy, the food and drinks you consume are energy, the clothes you wear and the furniture you use to store them. ALL ENERGY. With that being said, energy can be manipulated through changes or distortions in vibration. Crystals are high vibration energetic beings, that when invited into your energetic aura or field of consciousness, work diligently to affect your personal vibration. Everything you do and consume has an effect on this vibration, so crystal healing work is not the end all be all in your ascension process. You must make the work of the crystals easy by fully embodying the person you wish to become in all aspects of your life. A crystal can only do so much and is only capable of what you energetically allow it to do. 
Just like your have a physical body, you have a spiritual one as well. Crystals work with the unseen aspects of your subconscious and nonphysical, spiritual body. The changes that are made via the spiritual realm become powerful enough over time to manifest changes in your body, reality and physical awareness. The powerful vibrations of crystals can have an effect on the nervous system, emotions, dreams and thought patterns of the user. 

The spiritual body is where you store all of your unconscious beliefs, these can be limiting or expanding. It also holds the codes to how you process life elements such as your emotions, compassion for others and how you receive and give love. Crystals work with the non physical aspects of your existence in order to facilitate life altering changes in the physical. 

To say the most, think of your Crystal as a point of focus. In the same way a person would tie a string around their finger to remind themself to complete a task, your Crystal is your physical reminder of the new version of yourself that is manifesting from your spiritual body. Everything happens spiritually first and foremost, and being constantly reminded of the new version of yourself that you want to unveil to the world, serves to streamline your transformation if you allow. 

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